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To help you in your search, answers to the most frequently asked questions, sorted by keyword, can be found below. However, if you can't an answer to your question, please contact our "Investors" department at the following email address:

On which market are Altarea shares listed ?

Altarea securities are listed in Compartment A (Large Cap) of Euronext Paris under the ISIN code: FR0000033219 (eligible for DSS).

The Altarea share is included in the following indices: CAC AllShares, CAC Mid & Small, IEIF SIIC France, CAC Immobilier, CAC Sociétés Financières.

What are the main ID codes for the Altarea share ?

  • Ticker : ALTA
  • Isin : FR0000033219
  • Reuters : IMAF.PA
  • Bloomberg : ALTAFP

How many Altarea shares are outstanding ?

Information concerning the number of outstanding shares is updated monthly. It is available under the heading "Finance/Regulated Information".

What is the distribution of Altarea's share capital ?

For more information about the Company's share capital, please refer to (i) the Registration Document for the previous financial year and (ii) the Half-year Report for the current financial year or, if available, the update for the Registration Document.

To see the distribution of the share capital, please click here

How can I find out the Altarea share price ?

You can see the Altarea share price in real time under the heading "stock market price"

What is Altarea's market capitalisation ?

The market capitalisation of a listed company is the product of the number of its shares outstanding and its share price on a given date.

You can find the amount of Altarea's market capitalisation in real time under the heading "stock market price".

What are the characteristics of Altarea's shares ? Are there double voting rights ?

Altarea shares are ordinary shares, all of the same class. The rounded par value of Altarea shares is €15.28.

Each share entitles its holder to one vote. There are no double voting rights. The voting rights attached to shares are proportionate to the share of the capital they represent, up to a limit set by the Articles of Association at 60% of the rights attached to all the shares comprising the capital.

Can I buy shares through my SSP (share savings plan) ?

As from 21 October 2011, shares in SIICs (listed real estate investment companies) are no longer eligible for SSPs. That said, SIIC securities in plans before that date can stay where they are.

Since that date, you need to have a securities account with the financial intermediary of your choice to carry out stock market transactions such as acquiring Altarea shares. You may contact your usual financial intermediary, e.g. your bank or asset manager.

Are Altarea shares eligible for SMB share savings plans (small businesses) ?

As with any standard SSP, securities in SIICs (listed real estate investment companies) including Altarea, are not eligible for SMB share savings plans.

I am a shareholder. How do I transfer my shares to direct registered shares ?

For any request to transfer your Altarea securities to direct registered shares, complete the document below and submit it to your financial intermediary, who will handle it from there.

  • I am an individual investor (natural person)
  • I am a corporate investor

Once securities have been booked as direct registered shares, you will receive an "account agreement" to be completed and returned to the CACEIS Corporate Trust Investor Relations Department.

I am not yet a shareholder. How do I register my shares once they have been purchased as direct registered shares ?

If you are not yet an Altarea shareholder and you wish to acquire direct registered shares, you must sign a securities account opening agreement with CACEIS Corporate Trust.

To help you in this process, you can send your request directly to our securities services: CACEIS Corporate Trust/Investor Relations Department

What are the contact details of Altarea's Securities Department ?

For all your questions about the registration of your Altarea shares as direct registered or their management, contact the Investor Relations branch of our Securities Department:

CACEIS Corporate Trust

Investor Relations

14 Rue Rouget de Lisle, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

Tel: 01 57 78 34 44 /

Amount, payment schedule, taxation ?

Each year before the General Shareholders' Meeting, we will provide you with a specific document to answer all the frequently asked questions about the dividend. 

NB : with regards to tax arrangements in foreign countries, please consult your tax advisor or financial intermediary for information regarding your personal situation.

Learn more about Altarea's Dividend

What is Altarea's Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) ?

The LEI or Legal Entity Identifier allocated to Altarea is 969500ICGCY1PD6OT783.

Has Altarea been given a financial rating ?

Altarea has been subject to a credit rating from Standard & Poor's since June 2018. See more information about our rating in the Registration Document and the 2018 and 2019 Business Reviews.

Can I attend the Company's general shareholders' meetings ?

All holders of Altarea shares may attend General Shareholders' Meetings. The right to participate in General Shareholders' Meetings is evidenced by the registration of the shares in the name of the shareholder (or the intermediary registered on their behalf) on the second business day preceding the meeting, either in the registered share accounts held by CACEIS Corporate Trust on behalf of the company, or in the bearer share accounts kept by the authorised intermediary.

How do I physically attend the AGM ?

If you are a registered shareholder :

CACEIS Corporate Trust will automatically send you the Meeting notice, together with your postal ballot form or proxy form containing the request for an admission card, to your home address. Simply turn up at the Meeting with your identity card. To facilitate admission control formalities, you may request an admission card from CACEIS Corporate Trust in advance, that you then present at the AGM front desk.

If you are a bearer shareholder :

To participate in the Meeting, you must ask your financial intermediary to send CACEIS Corporate Trust the following documents: a certificate of participation and the request for an admission card. An admission card will be sent to you by CACEIS Corporate Trust. On the day of the Meeting, you should attend with your admission card.

What do I do if I have not received my admission card in time to attend the General Shareholders' Meeting ?

  • If you are a registered shareholder: simply show your ID at the Meeting front desk.
  • If you are a bearer shareholder: you must present your ID with the certification of participation delivered by your financial intermediary at the Meeting front desk together

How can you take part if you are physically unable to attend the General Shareholders' Meeting ?

Shareholders who are personally unable to attend General Shareholders' Meetings are given the option of returning the duly completed ballot form to CACEIS Corporate Trust, Altarea's central bank, in order to :

• vote on resolutions

• give a proxy to the Chairman

• give a power of attorney to another person

If you are a registered shareholder: simply return your completed ballot form to CACEIS Corporate Trust using the pre-paid envelope enclosed with the convening notice.

If you are a bearer shareholder: you must firstly request this ballot form from your financial intermediary and return it to them once completed; it is the financial intermediary who will send this ballot form to CACEIS Corporate Trust enclosing a certificate of participation.

Please note that (i) the request for the ballot form must be received by the financial intermediary no later than six days before the date of the General Shareholders' Meetings and (ii) the ballot form must be returned to CACEIS Corporate Trust by no later than three days before the date of the General Shareholders' Meeting.

Where can I find documentation about the General Shareholders' Meeting ?

A dedicated space on our website contains all the documents required to prepare for General Shareholders' Meetings, including the meeting notice containing the agenda and draft resolutions, the convening notice, the registration document, etc.

The company automatically informs its shareholders of the date of the AGM at least 35 days before it is held by publishing a prior notice in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (BALO) (the French Mandatory Legal Announcements Bulletin). This notice includes the resolutions that will be submitted to the vote of the shareholders and the terms and conditions of participation in the event.

At least fifteen days before the meeting is to be held, a convening notice, which sets out the agenda, will be sent to the holders of registered shares and will appear simultaneously in the BALO and in a newspaper.

More information about General Shareholders' Meetings