Pitch Promotion

Building the future together. Founded in 1989, Pitch Promotion is a generalist urban developer which builds or transforms offices, housing, retail, logistics and public facilities. A position that gives us a global vision in terms of products and regions. Pitch Promotion an Altarea Group brand.

Our strategy

  • sustainable development working for regions and future generations;
  • a selection of the finest sites in France's largest regional cities;
  • a forward-looking approach to the future of tomorrow's towns and cities.

Our assets

  • expertise in every sector of real estate;
  • solid experience in real estate in the residential and office sectors, high-end property, renovation and refurbishment;
  • quality of design and an environment-friendly approach.



in revenue in 2020

2 250




Pitch Promotion


Pitch Promotion

Pitch Promotion


Whether for housing intended for property investors or private citizens, Pitch Promotion builds residential property of the highest quality in terms of architecture, engineering and energy rating.

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Pitch Promotion

Office property

Pitch Promotion builds office buildings in select, high quality locations. Programmes that blend in seamlessly with their environment and provide easy access to public transport and shops.

Pitch Promotion

Logistics and activity real estate

Pitch Promotion develops logistics platforms with innovative and functional facilities, along with activity venues and a unique business park concept on the outskirts of towns and cities.

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Pitch Promotion

Public facilities

As part of public and private sector partnerships, Pitch Promotion is an active player in public facility development operations (crèches, schools, nursing and retirement homes...).

Our development operations

Pitch Promotion, a growing broad-based operator

Pitch Promotion is one of the top 15 French operators with revenue of over €600 million and growth of between 10 and 15% each year. Housing represents around two-thirds of reservations booked in 2017, corporate property accounts for the other third. Pitch Promotion operates in the greater Paris region (50% of business) and in major gateway cities such as Toulouse, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Nice.

In 2016, Pitch Promotion joined the Altarea group, thereby opening up new growth perspectives.

Stéphane Dalliet

Our rallying cry of "Building the future together" is testimony to a commitment to producing, innovating and creating value to meet the new needs of today's society and the changes to our environment.

Stéphane Dalliet Pitch Promotion Chief Executive Officer
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