Altarea Entreprise

Imagining the future of office real estate. Altarea Entreprise develops office real estate projects in the Paris Region and in the regions focussing on three major activities: service provision, turnkey office buildings and investment. Always closely in tune with corporate needs, the Group is building the future of service-sector real estate. Altarea Entreprise, the leading French developer.

Our strategy

  • Designing and developing office and commercial sector programmes suited to new ways of working and specifically tailored to companies needs by meeting their requirements for flexibility
  • Positioning office real estate at the heart of markets where demand is the highest while ensuring that each building blends in with its urban setting
  • Integrating digital technology into the design of buildings and anticipating their future uses
  • Helping company performance by providing a rewarding environment for employees that matches new forms of use

Our assets

  • Creativity in redevelopment through an innovative and pioneering approach to the structure and overall functioning of each building
  • Environmental and social excellence of newbuild and renovation programmes
  • A global integrated operator, at once investor, promoter and project manager
  • The capacity to offer users our exceptional experience

Our lines of Office products

Creative redevelopments

Altarea Entreprise carries out building redevelopment programmes. Projects involve upgrading to new standards and creating a new organisation of space to provide lighter and more open layouts. This accounts for over 50% of the Group's business in France.

High-rise buildings

Altarea Entreprise refurbishes and develops high-rise buildings. Programmes meet new environmental requirements and feature innovative architecture.

New buildings

Altarea Entreprise builds new office buildings at select locations. Each building is a window on the city, its shops and services.

Custom-built projects

Altarea Entreprise develops and delivers custom-designed buildings for third parties, where programmes reflect the needs and values of user companies.


Whether working on conversion programmes for older buildings or development projects, Altarea Entreprise has proven expertise when it comes to building luxury hotels.

Our business activities

Altarea keeps one step ahead of the wants and needs of companies and their employees, future proofing multi-use offices to ensure a high quality of life in the workplace. Flexible, scalable, connected and open to the city, business real estate mirrors transformations in the world of business.



Property development

Altarea Entreprise designs and develops office real estate programmes in the heart of the regions, in high quality environments and combining office space, retail and services, etc. By keeping one step ahead of the wants and needs of companies and their employees, Altarea Entreprise designs custom bespoke office buildings in each company's own image: flexible, scalable, accessible, connected and modular.

Altarea Entreprise is positioned as a medium-term investor with a strategy for the development of operations on sites with high potential. Investments are made with partners directly or through the AltaFund office real estate investment fund.

When it comes to corporate real estate, Altarea continues to be the leading promoter and a benchmark among major corporate investors; its services policy encompasses the fields of Project Management, Real Estate Promotion Contracts, and off-plan sales and leasing.


The Altarea group has a real estate investment fund for corporate real estate, which it sponsors and operates: AltaFund.

At its launch date in 2011, this discretionary fund was allocated €650 million of equity capital.

The leading office real estate developer in France

The leading office real estate developer in France

In 2018, the Altarea group delivered eight office buildings, i.e. a surface area of 115,000 m2, and also launched eight other projects representing a total floor space of 96,000 m2. In addition, investment in off-plan sales and real estate development contracts reach €765 million in 2018. These results explain why the Group is the leading office real estate developer in France.

Operations reflect the objective of excellence pursued by teams: all office buildings (excluding Pitch Promotion) are located less than 500 metres from public transport systems and are certified to NF HQETM with a minimum standard of "Excellent", and to BREEAM® standard "Very Good".





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Adrien Blanc

Through their ambitious architectural value which supports the well-being of employees and companies' performance, our achievements testify to our ability to open up new prospects for our regions. 

Adrien Blanc Chairman of Altarea Entreprise
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