Under the leadership of its founding chairman, Alain Taravella, the Altarea group is organised around a Supervisory Board, an Executive Committee and three Management Committees, each responsible for a different business line. As a limited partnership, its governance bodies are responsible for the operational aspects of the business.

Management and Chairmanship of the supervisory board

Alain Taravella

Chairman and Founder of Altarea, Co-Manager and General Partner

Christian de Gournay

Chairman of Altarea Cogedim Supervisory Board

Executive Committee

Alain Taravella

Chairman, CEO and Founder of Altarea

Jacques Ehrmann

Group General Manager, Altarea

Eric Dumas

Chief Financial Officer, Altarea

Rodolphe Albert

CEO, Histoire & Patrimoine

Nathalie Bardin

Head of Strategic Marketing, CSR and Innovation, Altarea

Adrien Blanc

CEO, Altarea Entreprise

Baptiste Borezée

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Altarea, in charge of Strategy, M&A and the Group Services Division

Ludovic Castillo

CEO, Altarea Commerce

Rodrigo Clare

Deputy CEO, Altarea Commerce

Vincent Ego

General Manager Housing and Commercial Property Regions

Karine Marchand

Human Resources Director, Altarea

Alexis Moreau

Managing Director of Pitch Immo

Julien Pemezec

Managing Director of Woodeum

Altarea Promotion Executive Committee

Alain Taravella

Chairman, CEO and Founder of Altarea

Jacques Ehrmann

Group General Manager, Altarea

Nabil Akl

Group Technical Director

Rodolphe Albert

President Histoire & Patrimoine

Philippe Bouvier

Director of Investor Relations

Manuel Colleaux

Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of Cogedim residential

Guillaume Delacroix

Real Estate Legal Director

Vincent Ego

Managing Director of Cogedim

Alexis Moreau

Managing Director of Pitch Immo

Jérôme Navarre

General Manager Cogedim Résidences Services

Ronald Sannino

Director of Development, Public and Territorial Strategies

Sophie Sosamrith

General Director of Altarea Solutions & Services

Cogedim Executive Commitee

Vincent Ego

Cogedim managing director

Manuel Colleaux

Cogedim cabinet director

Laurence Beardsley

President of Cogedim Paris Metropolis

Olivier Bucaille

President of Altarea Urban Development & Northeast regions

Antoine Mosnier

President of Cogedim Western Regions

Lionel Gayvallet

President of Cogedim southern regions

Mathieu Lebreton

President of Cogedim Ile-De-France

Rodolphe Subtil

President of Cogedim Rhône-Alpes

Karine Marchand

Human Ressources Director of Altarea and in charge of Cogedim's HR

Nabil Akl

Group Technical Director

Claire Milesi

Chief Financial Officer of Cogedim

Cyrille Marquet

Director of Client Services

Governance Woodeum x Pitch Immo

Alain Taravella

Président Fondateur d’Altarea, Gérant commandité

Jacques Ehrmann

Directeur Général Groupe Altarea

Julien Pemezec

Directeur Général Woodeum x Pitch Immo

Histoire & Patrimoine Executive Commitee

Rodolphe Albert

President Histoire & Patrimoine

Pierre-Olivier Thibault

General Manager of Histoire & Patrimoine

Arnaud Baudel

Deputy General Director of Histoire & Patrimoine

Agnès Rouffiac

Deputy General Director of Histoire & Patrimoine

Arik Poney

Commercial Director

Laurent Hanrot

Financial Director

Axelle Macardier

Production and Major Projects Director

Marie Dubech

Director of Operations and CSR

Olivia Brondy

Director of Operational Performance

Altarea Commerce Executive Committee

Ludovic Castillo

Chairman of the Management Board of Altarea Commerce

Rodrigo Clare

Deputy CEO

Arnaud Vincent

Deputy CEO for Operational Development

Frédéric Laloum

CEO Retail & Leasing

Séverine Buffard

Marketing Director

Guillaume Challemel du Rozier

Asset Management Director

Benjamin De Aranjo

Trade Flows Director

Florence Delgove

Development Director

Nicolas Deuzé

Diversification Director

Raphaël Ducharne

Director of business investments

Lylian Etcheberry

Commercial Director France

Stéphane Franck

Director of Operations and Risk Management

Romain Loisy

Director of Urban Logistics

Simone Maltempi

Managing Director Altarea Italia

Yana Masson

Finance Director

Antoine de Mathan

Management Director

Guillaume Petit

Director of Alta Proximité and Mixed used projects

Okan Turedi

Nation Data Centers CEO

Altarea Entreprise Executive Committee

Adrien Blanc

President Altarea Entreprise

Olivier Petreschi

Managing Director Altarea Entreprise

Hanane Hammad

Financial Director

Ercan Tekin

Promotion General Manager Altarea Entreprise

Jean-Frédéric Heinry

President Altarea Entreprise Studio

Oubay Churbaji

Key Accounts General Manager

Eugénie De Silguy

General Manager Office Hotel Schools Pitch Immo

Luc Papillon

Directeur Général Activités Logistiques Pitch Immo