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Building the future together. Founded in 1989, Pitch Immo is a generalist urban developer which builds or transforms offices, housing, retail, logistics and public facilities. A position that gives us a global vision in terms of products and regions. Pitch Immo an Altarea Group brand.

Our strategy

  • Sustainable development for the benefit of territories and future generations.
  •  Selection of the best sites in the major regional cities in France. 
  • A forward-looking approach to the future of the cities of tomorrow

Our assets

  • Expertise in every sector of real estate;
  • Solid experience in real estate in the residential and office sectors, high-end property, renovation and refurbishment;
  • Quality of design and an environment-friendly approach.
Alexis Moreau

Finding the most satisfactory solutions for our clients, the most interesting ones for investors, and the most sustainable ones for future generations is how Pitch Immo has built its reputation. Our motto 'Close to you to go further' is present in the minds of all the company's employees, to serve communities and clients. 

Alexis Moreau CEO of Pitch Immo

Our iconic programmes

Residential real estate

High Garden - Rueil Malmaison (92)

High Garden is located at the heart of the Arsenal project, which was designed as a true "modern village" in the center of Rueil-Malmaison. This mixed-use development is a contemporary and bold achievement, with pleasant private and shared outdoor spaces, revealing comfortable and bright apartments, ranging from studios to 5-room apartments.

Commercial real estate

Orange Tolosa Campus - Balma

Whether it is housing intended for real estate investors or individuals, Pitch Immo builds quality residential real estate, in terms of architecture, technology, and energy efficiency.

Commercial real estate

KI - Lyon

Located in the heart of the Part-Dieu business district, this mixed-use development spans 29,300 square meters and combines retail spaces, offices, and residential units.

The building's virtuous deconstruction approach promotes circular economy and reuse of materials.

The development features 3,000 square meters of planted and shared green spaces, including a cooling patio that enhances users' comfort. The workspaces are ultra-flexible, collaborative, innovative, and designed to promote well-being.

Commercial and residential real estate

Campus Joia - Nice

In Nice, in the Plaine du Var, Joia is the new eco-responsible neighborhood of Nice Éco-Vallée, the urban technopole of the Bay of Angels. An exemplary reference for the city of tomorrow, Joia combines all the uses of a balanced life: living, learning, having fun, breathing, and coming together.

A unique new neighborhood in France, because it brings together rare amenities: indeed, at the foot of Campus JOIA, residents can enjoy an exceptional and high-quality living environment, including a large green patio, terraces, shops, restaurants, but above all... A sports and leisure center where they will find cultural, educational and fun spaces.

Residential real estate

Chateau Camas - Pin Balma

Located in the heart of a remarkable 55,000 m² wooded park, the Château Camas Senior Living Residence comprises the rehabilitation of the castle (former residence of Marshal Niel), which houses 21 apartments, and a new construction with 114 apartments. The building also includes service areas: a dining room, bar lounge, wellness area (swimming pool, spa, gym, hair and beauty salon), laundry room, and library, as well as several landscaped areas (vegetable garden, ornamental garden to the north, etc.).



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