The Group's projects

The Altarea group's innovation approach is based on a powerful approach towards identifying and analysing new economic models for towns and cities. Whether for co-living, theme-based third locations or local services for mixed-use neighbourhoods, the objective is to capture and to implement new trends, together with product and service concepts.

Designing new solutions to speed up business

New approaches to work, the economy of sharing, the digitalisation of lifestyles and consumption methods, etc. Societal, environmental and technological transformations are impacting society and cities, changing the behaviour of city users and consumers. Our interpretation of these new social behaviours means we are able to develop new ground-breaking real-estate solutions that combine the features of different types of real estate.

Aware of these challenges, the Altarea group looks to anticipate and leverage the deep cross-cutting changes in society in order to propose new and original real estate solutions.

Pilots projects


The new easy village product

A cluster of services designed to facilitate social interaction at a local level and create links between communities in terms of housing, residences and neighbourhood requirements.

Illustration : Issy Cœur de Ville project at Issy-les-Moulineaux


New co-living accommodation

The Group has created the first pilot project for co-living accommodation designed for young working people and single-parent families.

Illustration : Volpelier project at Montreuil


New third locations : Issy Open Design

The creation of a digital workshop in Issy-les-Moulineaux dedicated to art and the digital economy (concept definition, business model, etc.)


New services in office buildings

Studying new concepts for catering services, wellness facilities and reception formats.

Illustration : Landscape project at Paris La Défense

Focus on Easy Village, innovation supporting local residents

Focus on Easy Village, innovation supporting local residents

Easy Village is a digital app for local residents developed in partnership with La Poste's Digital Hub as part of the open-innovation process introduced by Altarea Cogedim. It enables connected urban services to be set up.

Discover Easy Village in video

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